The Liebster Award

Greetings bookish people! Today, I’ve got the pleasure of bringing to you another tag! I was nominated (ages ago, sorry for the delay!) by the wonderful Wing-Yee over at Bibliophilic Med Student (go check her out if you haven’t already!) for the Leibster award. Thanks so much for the nomination, this so exciting! This award gives you the chance to interact even more with fellow book bloggers. It’s a really great way to highlight newer/smaller blogs that have less than 200 followers. You get to discover hidden gems of blogs, make new book blog friends and learn more about the bloggers you already follow!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their site on your blog
  2. Display the award on your blog
  3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, which will be provided to you by the person who nominated you
  4. Nominate 5-10 other bloggers for the award
  5. Create a new list of questions for your nominees to answer
  6. List these rules in your post
  7. Inform the people/blogs that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so they can learn about it

To be totally honest with you, I’m not really sure how these award posts work and I feel like such a newbie wondering this haha! Have I won the award? Or have I just been nominated? Oh who knows really EMOJI HERE But despite my lack of knowledge, I still have a blast doing them! Here we go!


What advice would you give to new book bloggers?

Well, I actually still consider myself to be a new book blogger! But, I’d have to say that one thing I would suggest is making lists of possible blog post ideas just so you have something to look back on and aren’t scrambling for something to post! Also, having drafts of posts scheduled and ready to go before you actually want to post them (this is something I am trying to work on too :))

What genre of books do you enjoy most?

I absolutely love YA fantasy and YA contemporary! It depends on my mood which of the two genres I’ll read though. Recently, I’ve been on a fantasy kick though most of last year I was really into contemporary!

What is that one book that made you reflect for a long time?

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr is my favourite book of all time and it is so beautifully written that I still think about it often even though it’s been almost two years since I read it. This book is one that I know will stick with me forever!

What has been the most rewarding part about having a book blog?

I have really enjoyed exploring my creativity and honing my writing skills through my book blog. I’ve also discovered a lot of new books/authors and even been given multiple opportunities to review books for authors! And of course, I love interacting with my fellow bloggers! It’s been a blast!

If possible, which fictional world would you take up permanent residence?

HARRY POTTER UNIVERSE OF COURSE. Still waiting on my Hogwarts letter, nbd.

What is that one book/ series that really got you into reading?

You know, this is actually a hard one for me. There were books that I loved as a little kiddo, but I can’t remember the names of them! The Harry Potter series is OBVIOUSLY the series the series that stands out the most in my mind, but I know there were ones before that and I wish I could remember their titles!

Is there a book that you think everyone in the world should read and why?

I tell anyone who will listen to read All the Light We Cannot See because it is heartbreaking, beautiful and inspiring rolled all into one historical fiction novel. It is just a phenomenal novel; I feel as though I can never do it justice describing it. Reading this book is truly a unique and wonderful experience ❤

Favourite reading time and snacks?

I love reading any time of the day, but since I work full-time, I usually only manage to read on my way to/from work on the bus or right before bed. Right before bed is my favourite because I can cozy up under the covers with my book and my book light and dive into the story! Any snack that allows me to neatly eat it with one hand while holding my book in the other is a good snack to me 😉

Who are your top 5 OTPs?

Kell and Lila (Shades of Magic trilogy), Rhy and Alucard (Shades of Magic), Hermione and Draco (this is a Fanfic-based OTP and I still wish it would happen!), Aelin and Rowan (Throne of Glass), and Cath and Levi (Fangirl)

Finally, what are some of your favourite quotes?

This is a tough one because I love so many! Okay, I will try to narrow this down to just a few:

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”– Stephen King

I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still.”- V.E. Schwab, A Darker Shade of Magic

Libraries were full of ideas- perhaps the most dangerous and powerful of all weapons.”- Sarah J. Maas, Throne of Glass

It is our choices that show us what we truly are far more than our abilities.”- J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Sing Pretty Read Books

Bionic Book Worm

Writing Bookish Notes

To the Stars


Questions for Nominees:

  1. What author (dead or alive) would you love to have dinner and chat with?
  2. What inspired you to start blogging and what is your favourite post that you’ve done (provide a link to it!)
  3. Which fandom(s) do you love to obsess over?
  4. If you could hang out with one character for the day, who would it be and why?
  5. What is your favourite bookish merch? Do you have a favourite bookish merch shop?
  6. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only read one book or series for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  7. What is a popular book or series that you are not a fan of or haven’t read yet?
  8. Do you have a favourite underrated book or author that you think deserves more love?
  9. What blog(s) do you look to for inspiration?
  10. What is your favourite book to movie adaptation? Or what book do you think would make a great movie?

Okay I cannot wait to see your answers people! And even if you haven’t been nominated, go ahead and share your answers with me and comment below with a link to your post 🙂

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “The Liebster Award

  1. Thanks for the nomination! I normally don’t do these but I really like the questions in this one! Hopefully I’ll get to this this week 🙂 All the light we cannot see is a book that I really need to get to. I’ve heard such amazing things about it!

    Liked by 1 person

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