Bookish Candles: Flick the Wick June Rep Package

Happy Wednesday everyone! Instead of doing a WWW tag today, I’d like to show you all my final rep package from the amazing bookish candle shop, Flick the Wick. It has been an AMAZING three months repping for this shop and I am officially a COMPLETE candle addict now thanks to Angeline! My rep term ends at the end of the month (aka two days from now) but I couldn’t resist showing off the candles I got in my last rep package. And I’ll take this opportunity to remind you to use my code KMBOOK10 to save on your order while you still can!

*All candles pictured are 4oz, but are available in 8oz*

Velaris candle- This candle smells AHMAZING and even has glitter on the top. GLITTER I SAY! It is a glorious candle that smells of jasmine, citrus and sea breeze. When it burns, this candle just looks so beautiful 😍

Cassian candle- While everyone else is swooning over Rhysand, I’m over here so in love with Cassian from the ACOTAR series that I just HAD to have this candle! It’s a gorgeous purple colour and smells of amber, musk and a hint of leather. This scent is better known as FOXY MAN GOODNESS*

*I am literally the only person who calls it that but that is besides the point

Summer Court candle- This candle is basically a summer day squeezed into a cute little jar and given a lovely turquoise colour, just like how I imagined the Summer Court to be when I was reading ACOMAF. The scent is fresh and clean beach breeze and it is such a light, summery scent that I instantly fell in love with it!

Oh I almost forgot to mention the lovely custom candle Angeline made for me with my bookstagram handle, kmbooks24, on it! It’s a 7oz candle with the cutest fruity label! I am over the moon about having my own custom candle!

Once you head over to the shop, you’ll notice that Angeline has made some changes to her labels so the current labels look a bit different than the ones in my pics. Fear not, my candle-loving friends! The new labels look even more AMAZING than the already beautiful ones I have here!

Do yourself a favour and head over to Flick the Wick and TREAT YO SELF *proceeds to buy all the candles* The shop’s website just launched and you can check it out here. You can also use my code KMBOOK10 on the new site! If you happen to visit the shop after my rep term ends on Friday, 30 June, be sure to use my bookstagram buddy Ary’s (@grownwomanreadya) code ARY10 to save as well!

Until next time bookworms,



5 thoughts on “Bookish Candles: Flick the Wick June Rep Package

  1. I wish I had come across Flit The WIck before I ordered my very 1st bookish candle from The Melting Library seeing as the shipping can take up to 6 weeks & I’m still waiting *taps fingers on desk* I’ve been hearing a lot lately about this shop & will def give them a go, thank you for featuring, sparkly candles are my jam LOL! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh geez long wait times for merch are the absolute WORST! Flick the Wick is really good about short wait times. I ordered an ACOWAR candle box (which I’ll have a post for soon 😉) and it reached me within 5 days of shipping! So I hope you do check the shop out, I love it so much ☺️I have a couple candles from Melting Library, but I don’t love the scents 😂🙈the labels are lovely though!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh wow, ok I’ll def be checking Flit the Wick soon. I ordered The When Dimple Met Rishi candle at Melting Library & it’s honestly ridiculous that a week and a half later I still have no shipping Info. I look forward to your ACOWAR post 💙

        Liked by 1 person

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